Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig


Sifu Thommy has been gaining international recognition as an expert of Wing Chun for many years.

Sihing Niko Parlamentas

(1st Technician Grade)

For a long time Sihing Niko has gained his reputation as a doorman in the clubs of Düsseldorf / Germany.

Sifu Thomas Simon

(3rd Technician grade)

Sifu Thomas Simon was born in 1972. He began his Wing Tsjun career in 1996 and has been teaching on a full-time basis since 2006.

Sifu Ken Berendes

(2nd Technician Grade)

Sifu Ken Berendes, born in the 90s, is a full-time Wing Tsjun instructor from Germany.

Sifu David Martin-Pascual

(6th Master Grade)

If you’re looking for an instructor who really gets down to the core of things then Sifu David is your man.