How to Learn Kung Fu
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Getting to grips with the fundamentals of kung fu can seem easy enough, but if you want to become proficient with a particular style, you’ll certainly want to pursue more formal training. Thankfully, many kung fu styles are fairly accessible to the beginner, meaning you can explore the fundamentals at home before pursuing more advanced training. However, you’ll ultimately want to consider choosing a kung fu school so you can carry out training with fellow students under the guidance of a skilled instructor. If you’re looking to undertake combat training or self-defense training, it’s pivotal that you practice along with fellow students and skilled practitioners. 

How to Learn Kung Fu

Choosing a Suitable School 

If you’re serious about learning kung fu, you’ll want to seek out a nearby school or training venue as soon as possible. Although many basic techniques can be practised individually at home, you’ll ultimately need the guidance of an experienced teacher to talk you through more advanced techniques and concepts. Practising in the presence of a teacher also prevents you from learning bad habits that can impede your progression. What’s more, many kung fu styles involve sparring with a partner, which makes training in the presence of fellow students and experienced practitioners essential. 

The Importance of Personal Training 

Even if you’ve signed up to a kung fu class, you’ll want to ensure you have one-on-one training time allotted with an experienced coach. Kung fu teachers will generally make time for one-to-one coaching during larger classes, but if you want to perfect advanced techniques and master an individual style, it makes sense to arrange one-to-one instruction. 

Kung Fu Training at Home 

Although advanced techniques can only be mastered with the aid of an experienced coach, there are many steps you can take to learn kung fu basics at home. The internet provides a wealth of visual resources for those looking to polish up on the basics from the comfort of their living room or home training space, while there’s plenty of written material you can refer to. What’s more, it’s easy to connect with kung fu teachers over the internet, with the advent of Zoom and video conferencing making it simple to train remotely. If you want to undertake kung fu training at home, you’ll want to ensure you have a suitable space picked out, leaving plenty of clearance for kicks, long and short-range strikes and jumps. provides these kind of classes.

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