How Can Self Defense Help You

Self-defense classes offer much more than a few basic moves that can be deployed in a dangerous situation. While self-defense techniques are certainly important to have in your repertoire, there are numerous other benefits to self-defense training that can enhance your life. 

How Can Self Defense Help You?

Check out these easy applicable self defense moves.

Developing Skills for Staying Safe 

The main advantage of committing to self-defense training is that you will learn invaluable techniques for protecting yourself in the event of a dangerous situation. If you’re particularly worried about your personal safety, the benefits of self-defense training are obvious. Some people may not feel comfortable in carrying self-defense equipment, while others may live in jurisdictions where such items are not permitted. Thankfully, self-defense training provides you with the techniques you need to protect yourself while unarmed. What’s more, self-defense techniques are designed to deter attackers, rather than causing serious bodily harm. Provided you exercise control when using learnt techniques, you won’t have to worry about falling foul of the authorities. 

Improved Health & Fitness Levels 

Martial arts and self-defense training will also help you improve your overall fitness levels. If you’re undertaking conventional martial arts training, these benefits will be more significant. Many martial arts now incorporate high intensity interval training, which is known to boost metabolic response and help with muscle growth. As long as you are undertaking such training on a regular basis, it’s fairly easy to maintain developed muscles. What’s more, such rigorous exercise will help you burn a considerable amount of calories, making it ideal for those looking to lose weight quickly.

Martial arts and self-defense classes also incorporate considerable balance training. Good balance is crucial in allowing practitioners to pull off advanced techniques, but is also required to ensure sufficient force is put behind kicks and punches. Mastering your balance will also prevent you from suffering strains and injuries as you work out. 

Renewed Focus 

Many people find it hard to stick it out with a new exercise regime, especially if it’s a gym-centric program. If you’re someone who finds it hard to engage with repetitive exercises, martial arts training and self-defense classes are an ideal alternative. In both scenarios, you’ll be introduced to fresh disciplines and new techniques regularly. This eliminates repetition and staves off boredom. Even if your martial arts and self-defense training involves extensive cardio workouts or interval training, the promise of being introduced to new disciplines and fresh techniques later in a class will give you the drive to push forward.

The topic of self-defense can be broken down in five phases. In the video below Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig gives valuable information about how to avoid a physical escalation and what to do once you’re in it.