Can Martial Arts Help You Lose Weight?

If you’ve struggled to achieve your weight loss goals with conventional forms of exercise, martial arts training may be something to consider. Although some low-key martial arts styles might not provide the rigorous workout required to burn a sufficient number of calories, many martial art forms are ideal for improving overall fitness levels and shifting those excess pounds. 

Can Martial Arts Help You Lose Weight?

Thai Boxing 

Thai boxing, otherwise known as Muay Thai, is one of the most popular styles of martial arts for those looking to lose weight. What makes this martial art form so effective at triggering weight loss is that it involves all areas of the body, with particular demand put on the limbs. Muay Thai relies fairly heavily on kick-boxing techniques, with leg movements particularly useful for those who want to burn calories. In fact, you can expect to burn hundreds of calories after just half an hour of rigorous Muay Thai training. 


This Korean martial art form is another great choice for those looking to shift weight quickly. Although this martial art has plenty of detractors, the fitness training side of the fighting style can’t be called into question. Taekwondo is a fairly accessible martial art, with foundation-level training involving low-key techniques and basic moves. As you progress, techniques and patterns become more complicated. As you develop proficiency with taekwondo, you’ll have to develop some key muscle groups, including your core and those in your leg. Developing these muscles will dramatically increase your strength, which will make it far easier to perform more demanding exercises and techniques. The more you train, the stronger you become and the easier it becomes to undertake extensive cardio training sessions that will help you achieve considerable weight-loss results. 

Mixed Martial Arts 

If you’re new to the world of martial arts, mixed martial arts may be worth investigating. As the name suggests, this martial form involves a diverse range of approaches that incorporate styles from across the world. Mixed martial arts not only provides you with effective self-defence techniques you can utilise in everyday life, it also provides you with an incredibly accessible gateway into the world of martial arts. Unlike other fighting styles, teaching of mixed martial arts often compensates for existing shortcomings on the part of the practitioner, helping sharpen skills in the weakest areas before moving onto other areas. Not only does this prevent frustration from derailing training efforts, it also ensures the entire body is granted a rigorous workout. This makes mixed martial arts one of the best options for those looking to maintain steady weight loss as they train. 

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